ThermaTech® (Doff) Steam Cleaning Services in Southampton

  • Friendlier to the environment.
  • Preserves and protects the environment.
  • Reduce the risk of extensive future repair works.
  • Add value to your property.

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    ThermaTech® is a modular range of equipment producing superheated water at temperatures up to 150ᵒC, for the purpose of masonry cleaning, paint removal and coatings removal on heritage and other structures. Often without the addition of any chemicals, ThermaTech® can be used for the melting or removal of: Flexible Paints, Surface Treatments, Chewing Gum, Wax, Oil/Bitumen, Organic Matter from substrates.

    Why choose Coastline Facilities Support Services LTD for your ThermaTech® (Doff) Steam Cleaning Services

    At Coastline Facilities Support Services LTD we recognise that every property is unique, requiring a bespoke programme of professional services that often requires one or more methods of cleaning to achieve optimum results. This led to our investment in the ThermaTech® equipment as we always strive to achieve the best results on all exterior fabrics, of both commercial and domestic properties in Southampton and are while safeguarding the environment. Our exterior cleaning teams have access to a wide range of professional equipment so we can provide the most appropriate service for your property.

    We provide restoration consultancy in Southampton and the South, either remotely using images or alternatively we can arrange a site visit to carry out a visual inspection followed by a complimentary test patch.

    Should you be interested in more information regarding our ThermaTech® services in Southampton please contact us using our email contact form or alternatively please call 0800 622 6050.

    For more information call us on 0800 622 6050
    Or fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

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    Comparing ThermaTech® and other superheated water systems

    We are sometimes asked about the difference between a ThermaTech® and other machines in the industry. These machines use superheated water to remove a range of coatings and soiling’s from different substrates. The ThermaTech® offers many advantages over other systems – and not just in terms of site safety, reliability and portability, since it also exceeds their performance. 

    The ThermaTech® system is designed specifically to meet or exceed the requirements for performance, portability, reliability and safety of professionals working in masonry conservation, while remaining competitive on cost. When the ThermaTech® was being developed, many ‘off the shelf’ components did not meet requirements. Restorative Techniques approached specialist manufacturers to produce many of these parts to their own design, all being sourced within the European area. The only components sourced from outside the EU are the pneumatic wheels.

    The products used in conjunction with the equipment, have been specifically designed for reliability using high quality, recyclable materials, reducing reliance on chemicals and boosting the performance of milder agents.

    Brickwork & Stonework

    Keep natural stone clean and future-proof with stone-cleaning products. ThermaTech® is a patented stone cleaning system that removes coatings like flexible paints, chewing gum, bitumen, oil, surface treatments and organic matter. It can be used both with and without chemicals. We use masonry-cleaning equipment as we understand the challenges of working with stone. We conduct pre-cleaning stone surveys, assessing the structure and surface and advising on the best removal method. We avoid unhelpful stone-cleaning processes and match the right stone-cleaning methods to the job.

    • Improve the appearance of, and protect stonework.
    • Remove unwanted paintwork, stains, and residue from masonry.
    • Remove carbon sulphation and other unwanted soiling’s.
    • Remove oil and water-based masonry paint.
    • Remove weather stains from stone and masonry.
    • Protect masonry from mould and bacteria.

    Coatings Removal Southampton

    Coatings removal is about regeneration, but also about caring for surfaces, buildings and substrates. We are experts at removing several surface coatings – both organic ones like carbon sulphation and algae, and inorganic ones like paint and bitumen. Coatings removal returns buildings to their former glory and helps us discover more about their fascinating past. Whether it’s historic brick, stone, timber, glass, masonry, concrete or metal – we can help you find the most efficient removal method for your property.

    • Regeneration of your property.
    • Remove unwanted surface coatings.
    • Improve the appearance of your property.

    Roof Cleaning, Render Cleaning & UPVC Cleaning

    Roofing, render and UPVC cleaning can all be carried out using our ThermaTech® equipment, to promote confidence in the appearance of your property, whilst adding value. In turn the regular and effective maintenance of the exterior fabric of your property will reduces the risk of needing extensive future repair work.

    • Improve the appearance of your roof, render and UPVC.
    • Removes unsightly moss, weather marks and coatings from your roof, render and UPVC.
    • Protect your property from the risk of costly repairs.

    Where do we travel and what days do we provide Thermo-tech (Doff) services?

    We work in Southampton, Portsmouth, Poole, Bournemouth, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, London and other surrounding areas.

    Services are offered 7 days a week, including out of hours services if required.