Roof Cleaning Services in Southampton

  • City & Guilds Assured Softwash Professionals
  • Follow HSE guidelines
  • Planned preventative maintenance programme to ensure the long-term survival of your property
  • Personalised service to protect the structure of your property
  • Safeguard your property from the effects of water, internally and externally
  • Prevents your gutters from becoming full of moss and debris

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    Why have your roof professionally cleaned?

    Alongside the aesthetic improvements a roof clean provides, the removal of moss and debris provides increased longevity for the structure of your roof. Investment in a maintenance programme for your roofing and guttering in Southampton creates a positive first impression while protecting the structural integrity of your property

    What happens if you don’t clean your roof?

    Water is one of the greatest causes of damage to buildings so a Roof Clean is an essential component to ensure the long-term survival of your domestic or commercial property. The build-up of waste, leaves, moss, debris and bird nests on the roof tiles, may cause damage to the roof tiles, bricks and mortar resulting in exterior damage.

    In addition to the exterior damage this may cause to the surrounding roofing area, it can also cause major interior damages, such as water ingress leading to damaged personal and commercial items contained within your property. Furthermore, it can potentially lead to temporary closure for your commercial business.

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    How often does a roof need to be cleaned?

    Roof cleaning services with a biocidal treatment may provide your roof with up to 5 years of protection, however environmental factors will play a major factor in how frequently your roof cleaning services will need to be programmed. We will assess your property and the surrounding environmental factors to produce a bespoke programme to meet your needs. We operate in Southampton and the South of the UK.

    For more information call us on 0800 622 6050
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    What month should you clean your roof?

    It is recommended that programmed Roof Cleaning Services take place in the late autumn to early winter months, once the leaves have fallen. Especially if your domestic or commercial property is near a woody area or has many trees within close proximity.

    How do I know if the Roof needs cleaning?

    You may already be experiencing tell-tale signs, such as moss and debris falling into the rainwater pipework, damp internal conditions, water ingress, rainwater pipes overflowing, leaking guttering among many… The planned preventative maintenance of your guttering and roofing comes by the recommendation of most insurers for any commercial and domestic properties in Southampton and the South of the UK.

    Why choose Coastline Facilities Support Services LTD for your Roof Cleaning services?

    We provide a free roof inspection to fully assess the existing condition of the roof, to create a bespoke cleaning programme to achieve exceptional results. If you regularly invest in roof cleaning, you may benefit from reduced insurance premiums and be less likely to have to claim on your insurance cover.

    All our operatives are fully trained to work safely, applying the most effective biocidal cleaning treatments to clean your roof without compromising the surrounding environment. Safety always comes first, so our bespoke cleaning programmes prioritise working from the ground however we recognise that different properties require different solutions. All our operatives are fully trained and insured to work at height, making our cleaning programmes adaptable for all commercial and domestic properties.

    • Cost-effective, professional way to produce incredible long-lasting results.
    • Minimum disruption to your home or business.
    • Our staff have the skills, knowledge and expertise to tailor Roof Cleaning services for each property in Southampton.
    • High-level access available to provide enhanced Roof Cleaning for all your needs, no property is too high.

    Where do we travel and what days do Coastline Facilities Support Services LTD provide Roof Cleaning services?

    We work in Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth and Poole, whilst frequently travelling outside of Hampshire and Dorset, offering roof cleaning services in Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, London and other surrounding areas. All Roof Cleaning programmes are provided 7 days a week, including out of hours services as requested.