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We were in discussions with one of our leading partnerships and they advised that they had many on going projects to improve the appearance of discoloured render with painting services. The painting of render is costly and timely, with an uncertain outcome dependant on the condition of the render.

At Coastline Facilities Support Services LTD we offer a wide range of render cleaning services, to bring buildings back to their former glory. We recognise there are many types of render used on buildings and each type of render requires a bespoke programme of works to achieve the long term results, reducing the risk of costly replacement.


Coastline Facilities Support Services LTD planned preventative maintenance team attend and assess the discolouration to determine the moss types as remnants, green stains, spores, algae, photrophic life and filamentous fungi will be reduced and removed at various rates. The rate of self cleansing varies with numerous environmental factors such as exposure to rain, type of metabolites, etc therefore visual changes will begin after a few hours and become conspicuous between a few days (red stains) and a few weeks (black stains). Our commercial teams have the skills, knowledge and expertise to select the appropriate techniques and cleaning methods for each commercial premises, to achieve the desired results. Our customer support team pull together all information, including images where possible to provide a comprehensive solutions focused approach. It is at this stage we can determine whether specialist access equipment may be necessary and if so we save considerable time by instructing a site survey.


Our planned preventative maintenance teams apply the correct render cleaning treatments to effectively remove discolouration and stains. The results achieved create a positive visual impact for the customer, as demonstrated in our before and after images. All of our render cleaning services provide a long term solution for our customers.

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