Why You Should Use a Professional Company to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

    When you notice irritating smears and smudges on your windows, it’s really tempting to grab a cloth and get to work. That’s great! Well done for being proactive. However, when the windows in question are tricky to access or out of reach, it’s foolish to take risks for a clear pane.

    The risks of DIY window cleaning from the ground

    There are many different unnecessary risks that people take when cleaning windows that are out of reach. From failing to clear trip hazards to inadvertently damaging the very window they are cleaning, it’s often more hassle taking on DIY window cleaning than it’s worth. 

    Improper preparation

    The first task when getting ready to clean windows is clearing the area. That means removing anything that is physically blocking the windows such as bars and shutters, but also moving trip hazards. Garden furniture, toys, flower pots and even cars and bikes can not only get in the way but also become damaged during cleaning.

    Failure to prepare the area properly can result in nasty trips, falls and damage to your own property. This is especially true because you would be looking up at your window and not necessarily where your feet are going. 


    Any activity at height poses a risk. If you decide to scale a ladder to access windows, you are adding unnecessary danger to the activity.

    Carrying cleaning equipment up a ladder means you can’t have both hands holding on. You are also likely to be unbalanced, increasing your risk of a tumble.

    The nature of window cleaning means water and soap is involved. This is a great recipe for clean windows but also for creating slippery surfaces. If your ladder becomes slippery, it will be harder to hold on to and more likely that your feet will slip. Also, if the solution spills onto the ground, which is almost inevitable, the ladder itself is also more likely to slip out from underneath you.

    Extendable brush/water fed pole

    Using an extendable brush or water fed pole is an alternative if you want to clean your own windows but want to avoid getting a ladder involved. Although this is a much safer option after you’ve made the investment, it is not without risks.

    Without proper training, a problem people discover with this method is neck and back pain. The unfamiliar action combined with looking up at the windows can put strain on your spine and cause injury.

    Wielding an extendable or water fed pole is also something it takes time to get used to and you could cause accidental damage to your property in the process.

    The risks of DIY window cleaning from inside

    As you’ve seen, there are many risks associated with trying to clean out-of-reach windows from the outside. The sensible choice is to use a professional company and, for window cleaning in Southampton, we are here to take away the risk and ensure a great result.

    However, you may think that cleaning your upstairs windows from inside sounds like the perfect solution; after all, there is no need for a ladder propped precariously against your wall. Beware, though: this can be a really dangerous thing to try.


    Although you don’t have to scale the full height of the building, it is still likely that you will need to clamber up onto a chair, chest of drawers or something else to properly access the window. Not only does this pose the risk of you falling to the floor, but also increases the chances of you tumbling out of the window while you clean.


    If you are reaching round an open window to wipe the outside glass, your centre of balance is compromised. Again, there is a real risk you could slip and fall from the very window you are cleaning.


    To avoid leaning out of open windows, there are a few window cleaning gadgets on the market to try and help. Magnetic window cleaners are one option but the results are often frustrating. Another option is investing in a window cleaning robot. In recent years their quality has improved but they can be costly if you want decent results.

    The simple solution: window cleaning services in Southampton

    When it comes to cleaning windows that are out of reach, nothing beats a professional window cleaning service. You know that you will get gleaming windows in hardly any time at all, without any of the stress, inconvenience or danger involved with DIY window cleaning.

    With years of experience, knowledge and training, our team come prepared with the specialist tools, equipment and products to complete the job properly.

    By choosing a professional you:

    • Eliminate danger to you and your property
    • Are confident of a great end result
    • Remove stress and hassle
    • Save time and invest in your property

    Commercial and residential window cleaning Southampton

    Together with traditional techniques, we use heated water reach and wash systems with pure, deionised water for beautifully clean windows. These methods allow us to easily reach up to 19 metres from the ground which means there is absolutely no need for ladders.  

    If you live in a block of flats, work in a high rise office or your building has hard-to-reach windows, we are still here to help. We hold a range of professional certificates including IRATA abseiling, rope access, IPAF mobile elevated platforms and cherry picker certification meaning we are unlikely to find a window we can’t clean!

    If you live or work in Southampton, don’t endure the risks and hassle associated with DIY window cleaning. Our friendly, professional team are on hand to help you get fantastic results with none of the stress.

    Get in touch

    Our family run company provides a friendly, professional service. We take huge pride in exceptional results and are here to answer any questions you may have about our window cleaning services in Southampton.

    If you would like to find out more or are interested in arranging a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch without any obligation.    

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