It is amazing how much dirt, grime and algae can build up on walls and other exterior surfaces without us noticing. What is more amazing is the difference a single clean can make!

Pressure washing is a fantastic method of removing obvious marks such as graffiti and chewing gum but it is also brilliant at cleansing away all manner of dirt and growth. It is likely that your property is suitable for pressure washing, but there are important things to know first.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is a quick and effective method of exterior cleaning. It is simply water under very high pressure sprayed at a surface to remove:

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Mould
  • Algae
  • Moss
  • Loose paint
  • Graffiti
  • Chewing gum

There is no need to use chemicals or anything other than the water itself, which makes pressure washing a good choice for the environmentally conscious.

Pressure washing walls

It can be surprising how grimy walls become without you noticing. Weather, smoke, pollution and algae can all leave their marks and the grime builds up slowly.

Pressure washing walls is a fantastic way of quickly and effectively cleansing exterior walls. Customers are often amazed by the transformation.

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The benefits of pressure washing walls

Much like when you clean your car, there are many benefits to cleaning exterior walls. Not only do you boost kerb appeal and potentially increase your property’s value, you also avoid the long term damage dirt, grime and algae can cause.

Pressure washing walls can also stave off expensive repainting and even prolong the life of the walls themselves. 

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Exterior cleaning 

Aside from tackling walls, there are plenty of exterior cleaning tasks for which pressure washing is perfect.

Pressure washing driveways, patios and decking is usually a great way to make an arduous task much easier. This cleaning method not only makes your exterior surfaces look neater but actually improves safety.

As mould and algae build up, driveways, patios and especially decking can become extremely slippery. It can get to the point where you avoid treading on these surfaces because they are so dangerous. One option is to treat these surfaces with harsh chemicals but pressure washing simply uses water to achieve the same, if not better results.

Much like pressure washing walls, exterior cleaning helps boost kerb appeal and has a positive impact on house value. The real plus point however, is that you improve safety and can avoid nasty accidents on your property.

Commercial pressure washing in Southampton

Pressure washing is a fantastic way to take care of exterior cleaning at commercial properties. It is a quick process which offers great results and doesn’t use any of the nasty chemicals of other cleaning methods.

It is vitally important that your commercial premises makes a good impression. Not only is it important that visitors, customers or clients are met with a clean and attractive building, it is good for those that work there, too. Staff are more likely to feel positive and productive approaching a freshly cleaned building than one which has been left to become grimy.

To anyone who sees your property, presenting it as clean and well-kept shows you value your business.    

Whether you want to tackle specific problems such as graffiti and chewing gum, or simply need to give your property good clean to remove built-up grime, pressure washing is likely to be a good solution.

Residential pressure washing in Southampton

There are many benefits to pressure washing your house and outside surfaces. As mentioned, this quick and effective cleaning method not only improves the appearance of external walls, driveways, patios and decking, but can improve safety, too.

Pressure washing is a really cost effective way of boosting kerb appeal and adding value to your home. This is not only fantastic news if you are thinking of selling, but a great way of giving your property a spring clean to enjoy yourself.   

The benefits of pressure washing

If you are thinking of carrying out any external cleaning, pressure washing has many benefits:

  • It is quick

The nature of pressure washing means that you get great results fast. There is no need to wait around for products to work.

  • It is effective

This cleaning method can be used on many surfaces and you will immediately see a huge difference. Often, you will remove grime you didn’t even realise had built up, giving fantastic results.

  • It is environmentally friendly

Pressure washing harnesses the power of water alone. Under very high pressure, the water blasts away dirt, grime, mould, algae, moss, loose paint, graffiti and chewing gum. There is no need for harsh chemicals making this an environmentally sound cleaning method.

  • It is cost effective

This relatively inexpensive cleaning option can add real value to your property while also boosting kerb appeal. 

  • It can prolong the life of your property

Some building materials such as brick may deteriorate over time if left uncleaned. Regular pressure washing can also extend the time between repainting walls. 

The potential dangers of pressure washing

Although an effective cleaning method, pressure washing is not without hazards. The water is under extremely high pressure and can cause injury if directed at people or animals. Similarly, people who are unfamiliar with the equipment may sustain an injury if it is not used properly.

Pressure washing can also damage certain surfaces if they are unsuitable for this kind of cleaning.  

Professional pressure washing services in Southampton

If you think your commercial or residential property could benefit from pressure washing, the best option is to hire a professional. They will know whether particular surfaces are suitable for this method of cleaning and be able to advise you on the results you could expect.

At Coastline, our team are properly trained and have years of experience in exactly this service. We are tidy, respectful and friendly, with a great work ethic.

If you are interested in exterior cleaning services, get in touch to find out more. We will be happy to answer your questions or arrange a no obligation quote.  


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