We all tend to hunker down a little over winter while the elements wreak havoc outside. Unfortunately, our buildings can’t do the same and the season can really take its toll. Your property may emerge from winter needing a host of maintenance and cleaning work to get it ready for the year ahead.

Snow, ice and a yo-yo between freezing and milder temperatures can cause serious structural problems. Then of course there’s the build-up of general dirt, grime and debris that is so much worse during the colder months.

As we approach spring, it’s the perfect time to think about giving your commercial property a thorough once over. Check it for damage, make any repairs and give the whole place a good spring clean. It’s important to keep your building in good condition not only to prolong its life and avoid costlier work down the line, but also to maintain a functioning, attractive workplace for employees and visitors alike.

We’ve put together a guide to help you prioritise jobs at this crucial time in the maintenance calendar. With this checklist complete, you’ll be able to start really looking forward to the warmer months and the brighter year ahead. 

Things to check

  • Check for damage from freezing

This could be cracks in walls; cracked and/or lifted paving; guttering damaged or pulling away; roof tiles lifted, cracked or missing; or any other manner of new cracks throughout the property. It’s a really good idea to have a thorough check for this kind of damage as it can lead to water entering and causing untold damage now or in the future.

  • Check for leaks

Very much linked to checking for damage from freezing is checking for any actual leaks. Have a look for damp patches on walls, evidence of leaking water pipes as well as leaky guttering as you walk around the property, inside and out.

  • Inspect the roof

roof cleaning in southampton

Unless you are a trained professional, it’s not advisable that you actually go up to the roof itself. However, you can often have a look for missing tiles etc. from the ground and check from the inside for serious damage.

  • Look for dirt

As you walk around the building keep a lookout for any places that could do with a really good clean. It’s worth noting any slippery paving and particularly grimy walls ready to plan your cleaning schedule.

  • Test the thermostat, electrical wires and connectors

Inside, it’s likely that your thermostat will have been adjusted numerous times over the winter, probably by more than one person. It’s worth checking to make sure it’s still working correctly and set properly.

  • Check air conditioning/heating

Air ducts, condensation pans and drains can become blocked, clogged and damaged in the cold weather. Look for any tell-tale signs that things aren’t working as they should.

External maintenance

Once you have had a good look around and noted any particular places that need attention, it’s time to get to work. Take care of any repair work then tackle the ‘spring clean’.

Pressure washing walls is a great place to start as it immediately freshens up the building. Customers are often amazed at the transformation pressure washing can have: sometimes removing years of built-up grime.

Pressure washing is also often perfect for cleaning paths, patios and driveways. Over winter, these surfaces can become dangerously slippery. This kind of cleaning removes dirt, mould and algae, making your commercial property safer and much more welcoming.

While you think about cleaning your walls, it’s worth remembering that cleaning certain building materials such as brick can significantly prolong their life. It is worth investing in comparatively inexpensive regular cleaning to get the most from your building and pressure washing is usually a fantastic option for this. It is also an environmentally friendly cleaning method which makes it even more appealing.

If needs be, your property may benefit from some repainting. Much like pressure washing, this can instantly transform a building and make it much more attractive to anyone approaching.

Having your windows cleaned is a fantastic way of boosting you building’s appearance and making the view from inside much more appealing! Wash away the grime of winter and let the spring sunlight shine in.

Gutter cleaning is also an excellent maintenance task to tick off the list. If you’ve been having problems with blocked and leaking gutters, add this job to your exterior cleaning schedule and clean your property from top to bottom.

External cleaning services in Southampton

Many cleaning tasks including pressure washing can be dangerous if you are not properly trained to take them on. You will also usually see better results in a much shorter timeframe if you invest in the services of an experienced professional.

If you are responsible for a property in Southampton, we offer a range of exterior cleaning services to help you rinse away winter. From pressure washing to cladding cleaning, window cleaning to gutter clearing, and all manner of maintenance tasks, we are here to help.

Our friendly, trained and experienced staff are certified to work at height so we can almost always carry out our full range of external cleaning services at any property.

Office cleaning services in Southampton

When it comes to your spring clean, we are here to help with both internal and external building cleaning.

We are trusted professionals and have a range of services to help you. Recently, a popular service has been our Coronavirus deep cleaning for which we use a range of techniques to ensure your property is safe.

Alternatively, we can tailor a cleaning package to your needs. 

Find out more

If you are feeling inspired to bring your Southampton commercial property out of hibernation, we can help.

We take huge pride in offering the highest standard of internal and external cleaning services. Our team is highly trained with relevant certification; they are skilled and experienced in what they do; they are always responsible and friendly, and dedicated to doing a fantastic job every time.

Whether you want someone to look around your property and assess how we can help or have particular tasks in mind, get in touch. We will be happy to answer all your questions or arrange a no obligation quote. 



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