If you are thinking of selling your Southampton based home, you might be surprised at the difference a bit of cleaning and some light repair work can make. A sparkling first impression can help boost that important valuation but also increases the chances of potential buyers falling for your property.

Here are our simple tips to increasing your home’s value as you approach the property market:

Kerb appeal

First impressions are extremely important. They set the tone for the rest of the viewing and can sway valuations/viewings one way or the other. Doing what you can to boost kerb appeal is a great way to make a fantastic first impression and put people in a positive mind-set as they enter your home.

Kerb appeal checklist:

  • Tidy up the front garden e.g. mow the lawn, trim hedges.
  • Clean paving/driveways.
  • Paint fences/clean border walls.
  • Make small repairs e.g. attend to lifted paving stones, replace broken fence panels.

Exterior cleaning

Having the outside of your property cleaned goes hand-in-hand with kerb appeal and it is amazing how grime can build up on walls without us noticing.

Repainting your house can be very expensive and is probably an outlay you would prefer to avoid when trying to sell your home.

However, consider render or cladding cleaning to give your house a revamp. It often makes paintwork look as good as new which can really add value when it counts.

Similarly, if you have been neglecting your gutters, they may be blocked and leaking. This is something you can often see from the ground and can be off-putting so, getting your gutters cleaned is other tick box you could consider addressing.

Clean windows

Domestic window cleaning is something that can really lift the appearance of your home. From the outside, panes and frames enhance the overall look rather than distracting the eye.

From the inside, smear-free windows let in more light and allow people to see outside rather than focus on the dust and cobwebs which inevitably build up. 

As a rule, clean windows show a house is cared for and domestic window cleaning services can be scheduled as a one off or at regular intervals to suit your requirements.  


It is surprising how marked and chipped paint becomes without you really noticing. However, that is the kind of thing that can really distract people seeing your home for the first time.

A fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a neutral colour, can add real value to your home and help it to sell quicker.

Similarly, repainting wooden window frames can instantly improve the overall appearance of your home.

These painting jobs needn’t be expensive nor take a long time but can do wonders when trying to sell a property.

Deep cleaning house

A thorough deep clean is a fantastic idea when you plan to put your house on the market. Ensuring every inch of your property it sparkling clean creates the best possible first impression while supporting any other efforts such as repainting and repairs.  

An added bonus of deep cleaning is that it will remove odours. Smells can instantly put someone off a house and even affect its value. This is particularly true if you are a smoker or have pets. It is quite likely that you have become used to the smells in your home but newcomers have not. Deep cleaning services will remove any lingering smells and refresh your whole home in one go.  

The real appeal of using deep cleaning services is that professionals will use their knowledge and experience to get the very best results, leaving you to concentrate on the property market.

Look around with fresh eyes

Finally, walk around your property as though you are doing so for the first time. It is amazing how many chips, scuffs and neglected patches of garden we overlook in our daily lives.

Use a critical eye and see things as they truly are. Make notes and then get to work: replace that door knob that has been broken for years; fill that crack in the wall; and get someone to spruce up your neglected garden.

Doing little things here and there can make a huge difference and all it takes is seeing your property with fresh eyes.

Getting started

When you are planning a house sale, there is a lot to think about. It can be a very stressful time even before you think about tackling everything mentioned. However, the benefits of the tasks outlined in terms of boosting your home’s value and securing a sale can be huge.

So, why not consider using professional services in Southampton to ease the burden and ensure the very best results?

Whether it is exterior cleaning, domestic window cleaning, deep cleaning services or anything else to help freshen up your Southampton based property, we can help. We offer all of these services and many more to help your home reach its full potential at this critical time.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more and arrange a free, no obligation quote today. With that taken care of you can sit back and have fun searching for your new dream home! Happy hunting.

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