When it comes to property maintenance, you may not immediately think of roof cleaning. However, paying attention to this task can hugely pay off.

Your roof is there to keep the elements out and any compromise in its structure can mean leaks. Since the biggest cause of damage to buildings is water, it is sensible to keep your roof in good condition.

To understand how roof cleaning can help, here are the top ten reasons to get your roof cleaned this autumn…

  1. Improve your roof’s appearance

Although rainwater is usually enough to wash away the most obvious dirt and debris, some level of build-up is inevitable. There comes a point where your roof will be noticeably dirty and roof cleaning is the only way to revamp its appearance.

Once your roof has been cleaned you will boost kerb appeal, restore pride in your property and potentially even increase its value.  

  1. Remove algae

You may think that it is just leaves and other debris that accumulates on a roof, but algae also builds up in shaded areas. Algal spores can be transported by the wind or animals and it is very difficult to avoid their growth.

Once established, algae quickly causes staining and some forms even feed off asphalt and limestone, compromising your roof in the process.

  1. Remove lichens

Lichens, although not technically plants, have root-like tendrils that grow into shingles. As they penetrate, they cause damage and pathways for water ingress, while becoming more and more difficult to remove. 

  1. Remove moss

Although moss has got shallow roots, it can also cause plenty of damage to your roof. Thriving in damp environments, moss absorbs water and retains this moisture against your roof. In turn, this can create the perfect environment for bacterial growth and further problems.

As moss grows it can also lift up shingles, causing gaps and leaks. Roof moss removal is a good step towards maintaining the structure of your roof.

  1. Prolong the life of your roof

Replacing your roof is expensive and inconvenient. If your property is commercial, it will also likely require the closure of the building and lost revenue. It is therefore sensible to prolong the life of your roof as long as possible.  

Regular roof cleaning keeps it in good condition for longer by preventing damage from debris, algae, lichen and moss.

  1. Cheaper than replacing the roof

Even the combined cost of regular roof cleaning services, every five years or so, is far less expensive than the cost of a new roof.

  1. Autumn is an especially good time for roof cleaning

It is a good time to clean your roof once the leaves have fallen. This is particularly true if your property is in a wooded area or has lots of trees nearby. 

  1. Roof cleaning services make it easy

There is no hassle or worry: it’s as simple as picking up the phone. We will arrive, complete an efficient, professional job and clean up before we go. We cover Southampton, London and the South West. 

  1. Safer than doing it yourself

Working at height can be dangerous if you are not trained or experienced. Moss on a roof can also be extremely slippery.

Using roof cleaning services in Southampton means you benefit from the latest technology, experienced professionals and great results. All while minimising the risk of damage to your roof or injury to yourself.

  1. Getting a quote is free

We will come and inspect the roof of your Southampton based property to quote for cleaning without any obligation to commit.

Complete an enquiry form here or give us a call on 0800 622 6050.

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